Match made in… Isager! The yarn of month in June

June 01, 2022

Match made in… Isager! The yarn of month in June

Have you been looking for the perfect summer yarn? Search no more, here it is: Isager Trio! Isager brings us lovely blend of three plant fiber, combining all the best qualities these fibers have to offer. First there is Linen, 50%, bringing durability and breathability to the yarn. Then there is Cotton, 30%, with its softness and smoothness. And finally Bamboo, 20%, bringing the shine, more breathability and pliability. Isager brings us Trio in beautiful 20 colors that is easy to match with other Isager yarn.

Trio is quite thin yarn, lace weight, 350 meters in 50 grams. If you don’t want your knit to be slightly see-through, you can easily knit this yarn with double or triple strand. There is only one thing to remember before knitting: Make your own yarn ball. The Trio skein is loose and  when knitting with it, it will probably broke down and then you will have some nasty knots to deal with.

I have knitted couple of nice summer tops already with this yarn, but I have always the next one on mind. I really do love this yarn, although it is not wool. When knitting with one strand, there is some lovely and delicate pattern to choose from. Like this Teas by AnnaJohanna or this Lochnagar top. This Adelaide by Isabell Kraemer is also beautiful and offers both long or short sleeve version.

If you want to knit with too strand using a bit bigger needles and shorter knitting time, there is also very nice patterns to choose from. This Big in Japan by Katrin Schneider has been on my knitting queue from the time I first saw it on some testknitter. Cullum is also a great pattern to try Trio. Also you could try the Cumulus blouse and replace the fluffy mohair with more lighter Trio.

When knitting with three strands it gives even more possibilities, as the gauge can match those DK and worsted patterns. I like this loose model of Summer top. And of course you could substitute the Japansk Bomuld with Trio in French Market Bag.

So there you have it, the perfect summer yarn and now during the June you can order with a small discount. I am sure you will fall in love, like I did couple of years ago.