No need to battle between, choose both! Yarn of the Month in May

May 01, 2022

No need to battle between, choose both! Yarn of the Month in May

I don’t knit cotton. It feels too hard, too sturdy, too cotton. I love the springiness and adaptability of wool. I don’t itch and I can wear wool all year around.

We have lots of costumers who are afraid of itchiness or warmth of wool. They ask for yarn that feels lighter and smoother next to skin. It can be that the most smoothies merino wool still feels too much of a wool, and they don’t want to buy that yarn.

So we wanted to bring one yarn to combine the good qualitities of wool and cotton. Sandnes Garn had a winner: Duo. Duo combines in perfect way merino wool (55%) and cotton (45%) and offers us a yarn that is both soft, smooth, not warm and perfect for any garment. Those who knits baby or children knits, prefer this yarn and now when it is time to knit those summer tops, this could be the yarn to go to.

Duo is DK weight yarn, so it is pretty easy to find suitable patterns for it. But here is some tips from me to you…

This perfect wardrobe stable caught my eye when browsing through suitable patterns. I could knit this Emma Top in all colors. Collett Tee is suitable for those summery office days, waiting for the holiday to begin. Jonna knitted already her Anker Summer Shirt using Duo in color 5564. For summer evenings this BlueSand Cardigan could bring the needed warmth. And in the upcoming Laine Magazine 14 there is perfect sweater pattern for this yarn: Vespertine.

So don’t fight it, but start to knit something sweet for yourself!