Plastic free sock yarn - yarn of the month

February 02, 2022

Plastic free sock yarn - yarn of the month

Ecological thinking has taken over also many of us in the knitting and fiber world. And I understand why. Of course we want to incorporate our values in everywhere in our lives. Plastic free yarns, more ecological superwash treatments and the use of recycled fiber is seen in almost every major yarn brand and industry. And that is a good thing. We have more options to choose from and we can continue are dear hobby with better conscience.

This February we want to show you one of our plastic free sock yarns; Aurinkokehrä Sock. It is DK weight sock yarn made out of mixing different kinds of lamb wool and has high twist, so it would have better durability even for socks. Of course, we know that unfortunately all-wool yarn doesn't last as long as those made out of wool-nylon blend, but this is one of those choices, we make, when we choose our yarns.

Aurinkokehrä is a small brand of plant-dyed yarns, and Anna makes beautiful colors in her pots. All of you who have your own plant-dye experiences know that it is not easy to make repeatable colorways with plant-dyes. But Anna has been able to do it and many of our costumers love her solid warm colors.

Aurinkokehrä Sock is sold in 50g skeins, so you can easily use this yarn for striped or stranded knitting also. 

I search some fun sock patterns for DK yarn, for you to try. Check out these: Sister United, Hygge Season, Snuggle Socks and Cindy's Choice.

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