Yarn Stash Staple -Yarn of the Month in March

March 01, 2022

Yarn Stash Staple -Yarn of the Month in March

We all have yarn that we adore and drool over. And then there is yarn that is good and trustworthy, perfect for many things but it is nothing fancy or extra special, perfect staple to have and knit. It is the same as the cooking oil you buy for your cooking, everyday oil for everyday cooking, extra special oil for those special moments.

With Filcolana Peruvian you can’t go wrong. It is the basic and trustworthy yarn of your stash with many colors to choose from and many patterns to knit with. Peruvian is 100% highland wool and it comes in 50 gram balls. In 50 gram there is 100 meters of yarn, so it goes to the worsted weight category. We carry 45 colors of Peruvian and it is our go to yarn when customers want to find beautiful combos for their stranded knitted sweaters. Whether it is the Riddari or the Grettir, there is no problem finding the perfect colors for you project. 

Many of our costumers love to knit PetitKnit patterns, so we took printed patterns from her also into our reportoire. And there are some beautiful classics knit with Peruvian. Like the Terrazzo Neck or the Zipper Sweater. Or maybe you want to try a different hat pattern beside Oslo Hat, then the Stockholm Hat could be perfect.

Filcolana has some free patterns in their website too and you can search through them with the yarn of your choice. This chic pattern caught my eye when I was scrolling trough. Amager Fælled sweater combines Peruvian with luxurious silk-mohair and has some beautiful balloon sleeves. Not that basic after all…

Now, during the March of 2022, you can buy this yarn with a small discount. Hope you like our trusted friend too!