Time of warm knitted cardigans

September 14, 2021

Time of warm knitted cardigans

Fall rains and cold winds have started here in Turku. We are situated in southern west of Finland and by the coastline. So when the summer is over, it is really over, because of the sea and winds blowing from there. I always look for warm and big cardigans from my wardrobe to wear and wrap myself in to. For me this is the time of tea, candles and cozy knitwear. They keep me safe from darkness and coldness of the fall.

In Ilo we have some great yarn for cozy cardigans. I already knitted my first one from fluffy and soft Isager Eco Soft yarn. I used Puna cardigan pattern for starting point for this relaxed knit.

From Aara Koto or Tukuwool Fingering you could make the most beautiful Lohtu-cardigan, by Anna Johanna. Soft brioche cardigan from Finnish fingering weight woolyarn is not too heavy or warm but just perfect.

So wrap around to your knit, cast on some stitches and enjoy this time of year of cold weathers but warm hobbies.