Brooklyn Tweed is coming!

January 26, 2017

Brooklyn Tweed is coming!

We've had a bit of radio silence the last few days, as I'm still recovering from Winter's attempt to take me out (=I fell on ice). Last weekend was rather painful for me, but luckily, I'm back in the shop and able to bring you some super exciting news today!

Laura and I are extremely excited to announce that we are becoming an official Brooklyn Tweed retailer and we will be carrying Arbor, Loft, Shelter & Quarry in ALL colors!!! We launched the Brooklyn Tweed pre-order last night, so you can make sure to get your favorites as soon as we receive our shipment next week. Our Brooklyn Tweed delivery is expected to arrive during the week of January 31st, and your order will ship immediately after we receive the yarn in-store!

Check out our Brooklyn Tweed collection here:

brooklyn tweed quarry

We are especially honored to be carrying Brooklyn Tweed, as this American brand is producing absolutely gorgeous breed-specific yarns, with a focus on sustainability & supporting domestic textile production. All of their yarns are designed, sourced, dyed and spun entirely within the USA. I love that they know exactly where the wool is coming from, exactly who is doing the dying, and exactly who is doing the spinning.

Brooklyn Tweed also has a huge range of absolutely stunning knitwear patterns, expertly designed for their Arbor, Loft, Shelter and Quarry yarns. Brooklyn Tweed patterns can be found on Ravelry, or you can buy them directly from us in-store, as we are official Ravelry in-store re-sellers. You'll get a printed copy of your pattern, as well as a digital version sent to your email.

We are are so excited to be sharing our love of Brooklyn Tweed with you, so please let us know if you have any questions about the brand or their yarns. 




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