SUOMI 100 - Mittens...Woohooo!!

January 02, 2017

SUOMI 100 - Mittens...Woohooo!!

What an unbelievable experience we have had this New Years. It was a completely emotional weekend as my husband, Ville/Darude, not only performed for 130,000 fellow Finns at the SUOMI 100 opening party on New Years Eve at the citizens square in Helsinki, he wore our SUOMI 100 - Mittenson the main stage as the clock struck midnight!! It was such a proud moment for me to watch him on stage. Seeing the pure joy in his face, as he performed for all of you, is something I will never ever forget. 

Watch Ville and the unbelievable SUOMI 100 fireworks show here: 


We gave Finnish pop star, Robin, a pair of his own SUOMI 100 - Mittens as a NYE gift. He was super excited, and he even tweeted and posted on facebook about them! We're incredibly grateful for that! 


For those that do not know, December 6, 2017 will mark the 100th anniversary of Finland's independence, so New Year's Eve 2017 was the opening party to kick off a year of celebration that Finland is turning 100! In honor of this truly momentous occasion, we wanted to design a pair of mittens that would truly show our love of Finland, and with the help of our dear friend and neighbor, Tiia Litsilä, I think we've acheived it! 

Tiia has created a beautiful mitten pattern for Knitlob's Lair / Louhittaren Luola's gorgeous Väinämöinen Sport yarn in the patriotic colors Sini (Blue) and Valkoinen (White). The Knitlob's Lair studio is situated in Northern Finland, near Oulu, and their yarns are beautifully hand-dyed by the über talented Tuulia Salmela. Tuulia has named the Väinämöinen Sport yarn after a mythical character in “Kalevala,” one of the most significant works of Finnish literature. I can't think of anything better suited for these mittens! 


We have 2 options available, so you can knit your own pair SUOMI 100 - Mittens!

1. SUOMI 100 - Mittens - Kit

This kit includes two (2) 100g skeins of Knitlob's Lair  / Luohittaren Luola - Väinämöinen Sport, one Sini and one Valkoinen, and a printed copy of the SUOMI 100 -Mittens pattern in Finnish. This kit contains enough yarn to knit 2 pairs of mens sized mittens!! You will also receive a digital PDF of the pattern when your kit ships. 

2. SUOMI 100 - Mittens - Pattern
You will receive a digital PDF of the SUOMI 100 - Mittens pattern in Finnish, sent directly to your email. 


This New Years weekend was truly a demonstration in love of friends, love of family and love of country and I am so happy that we've been able to share this moment with so many of you both in person and via our socials. 2017 is going to be a wonderful year, and we are so excited to have the opportunity to share it with YOU! Here's hoping you have an amazing 2017! 

Happy New Year! 


Ps...the SUOMI 100 - Mittens pattern is currently only available in Finnish, but the English version is coming ASAP!