How do I begin? 5 tips for beginner Knitter

December 14, 2021

How do I begin? 5 tips for beginner Knitter

I have been avid knitter for almost twenty years now, but I still remember the feeling of not knowing how to begin the new hobby. When I started there wasn't any YouTube tutorial or Instagram reels to show how to knit, but there was my mom and my granny who showed and helped me. 

Now there is many tutorial and helpful webpages but it is still hard to know where to start. So here is my 5 tips for you, who are starting this wonderful new hobby!

1. Choose your first project wisely.

If I would begin knitting now, I would begin by knitting a hat or beanie. Beanie is a small enough not get bored, but you will learn many important knitting skills with it, like casting on, knitting and purling, knitting in the round, decreasing… There is also lot of easy hat pattern to choose from for thicker or thinner yarns.

2. Choose the yarn you love.

Please don’t go with the cheapest yarn. But pick up a good quality yarn, that feels soft and nice to your fingers and with color you love. It is not worth it to go trough all that effort and time and knit something you don’t like to wear. And if your project doesn’t work out on the first time, you can always unravel and start again. With good yarn it is a joy to knit, even again and again.

3. Pick up a pair of good needles

Yes, I know your grandma has a large stock of fifty year old needles that she is happy to lend to you, but I think you won’t go running with someone’s old training shoes either? Knitting needles have developed a great deal and pair of good quality needles makes your knitting more even, easy and smooth.

Buy a new pair of needles for your Grandma too.

4. Ask for help

Knitting community is a great one. Great in size, great at heart. Knitters want to always talk about knitting, about yarn, about new patterns. They will always want to offer their help to a newbie knitter. We at the local yarn stores are more than happy to start the project with you or read the pattern with you when you don’t know how to proceed. Ask google. YouTube has some great tutorials almost anything knitting related. Pattern designers try also to answer questions. And Ravelry, join Ravelry and you will find your own knitting community online. And thousands of new hat patterns to knit.

5. Remember to give a bath to your knitted garment

Wool loves a good bath. Not too hot though or too much motion. But drain some lukewarm water and let your knit soak in it and you will find when the magic really happens. Your stitches will even out, your knit will find its form and wool will soften beautifully.