Yarn of the November - Sandnes Double Sunday

November 02, 2021

Yarn of the November - Sandnes Double Sunday

November is not my favorite month of the year. In Southern Finland November means gray days, rains and more rains and ice cold weather. So when the November hits, I usually go searching something to cope with it, warmth, softness, colours. Anything to beat the gray, wintry times.

Our yarn of the month is soft and warm yarn with cozy and nice colors. It comes from a Norwegian yarn company Sandnes and it was developed with a well-known designer Petite Knit. This yarn, Double Sunday, is merinowool that has not gone through superwash treatment so it has a bit more natural feel to it.

Double Sunday is DK weight yarn, so you can easily find nice patterns for it. We have sold a lot of it for different kind of beanies and hats. You could use it for example for the much knitted Oslo hat on its own. Petite Knit has another hat pattern designed especially for Double Sunday: The Hipster Hat.

Finnish designer Sari Nordlund has just published a pattern for Double Sunday. It is a cozy sweater with thin stripes and fun shoulder detail. The sweater is called Hanko, and by its name it has some coastal marine feel to it. 

Different kinds of vests and collars have been popular with our customers now and there is nice patterns for DK weight yarns also. You could try out Petite Knit’s Terazzo Slipover or Terazzo Neck with Double Sunday and knit it with some fluffy Silk Mohair from Isager, Lang or Filcolana.

Let us throw ourselves into the world of warm and cozy yarns and not care about the darkness and coldness of the outside world. And we are here for you guys, come and knit with us.