The Fluffy one - yarn of the month in April

April 01, 2022

The Fluffy one - yarn of the month in April

There have been a long lasting boom for fluffy yarns. Who doesn’t love the lovely combo of wool and silk-mohair knitted together, the softnes and luxury feel it gives to a knitted piece. But when customer comes to our shop asking for more fluffy, this is the yarn we offer.

Sandnes Garn Børstet Alpakka is lovely alpaca yarn. It has strong nylon thread in it, and the soft alpaca fiber is brushed creating nice and long fuzzy texture. Yarn is categorized as bulky weight, but you can try it for many different gauges, just remember not to use too small needles or you loose the airynes and fluffynes.

If you haven’t heard about Seela sweater yet, be sure to check it out. Laine Magazines Jonna Hietala designed this sweater for Børstet Alpaca yarn and pattern is sold to raise money for Women’s bank. Seela is perfect everyday garment. 

Veera Välimäki has some great patterns for this yarn also. Grip and Lempi are both perfect layering pieces, Grip is relaxed sweater and Lempi a cozy cardigan. 

And of course there is loads of patterns from Petit Knit for this yarn, like the Louisiana Sweater you can purchase from us as a printed pattern. 

Although summer is coming, we desided to order new colors for this lovely yarn, because there is always room in our closet for one more warming knitwear. Check the beautiful colors from here and enfold yourself to a nice fluffy feeling.